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PVC posts are available in 101mm (4in) and 127mm (5in) sizes and a variety of heights to match your fence. Please note that the selected post height is the design height of the fence, not the manufactured post length. 

For example, if you need a post suitable for a 1.8m high fence, you would select a 1.8m high post which is actually manufactured at 2.4m long (1.8m above ground and 600mm ground penetration). 

Posts can be ordered as End posts, Line posts, Corner posts, 3-way posts and blank posts. 

We can also customise fence posts to suit any fence transition (e.g. 1.8m high full privacy to 1.22m high picket) and can do up to 4-way posts. Please get in contact with one of our team to discuss your custom post needs. 

Due to high demand this product has a wait time of up to 8 weeks.